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Choices EXPO Los Angeles 2014
Set Yourself Apart... Become a Partner!
Benefits of Being a Partner...
The Choices EXPO 2014 is set up to be one of largest school and health EXPOs in Los Angeles County inviting more than 300 organizations from the education, health, and wellness market.

Sponsorship increases recognition in your market, raises the company’s profile in the region, increases the opportunity to return loyal support from your customers, creates a team building experience for your staff, and ultimately increases the bottom line.
•  Whether you are a seasoned organization or just beginning to establish your start up, the Choices EXPO features a variety of sponsorship options to suit your needs AND budget.
•  Sponsorship support is a key foundation in reaching the EXPO goals of merging the school, health, and wellness markets and resources and providing more access to CHOICES.
•  Through Choices EXPO mass advertising campaign the EXPO has created multiple outlets to maximize our partners’ brand.
•  Choices EXPO plans to have more than 10,000 participants available all in one EXPO hall and skilled marketing team will take excellent measures to deliver easy and proven access to your target audience.
•  If your expertise and products provide value through “CHOICES”, we want to assist you showcase your services.
•  Your kind support is a key foundation in achieving the EXPO goals of bringing together an extensive selection of like-minded partners collaborating and coordinating as one toward the common vision of providing access to “CHOICE” to people and community that don’t have one.
The Choices EXPO cordially invites you to take part in establishing your foothold in the rapidly expanding schools and health market and partner with us at the First Annual Los Angeles Choices EXPO. This one of a kind event is a great opportunity to position your organization to thousands of potential new customers and reconnect with current clients. This plans to be the largest gathering of local schools, health, and wellness organizations in the Los Angeles area.

Why Exhibit?

•  We plan on making our Choices EXPO Exhibitors Hall a keystone of our EXPO’s success by maximizing exhibitors’ visibility to more than 10,000 participants!
•  Join other SCHOOL and HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS at the Choices EXPO and reach the year’s most concentrated audience wanting to research and network with organizations likes yours!
•  Choices EXPO plans to be the premier opportunity for local school programs, health organizations, and wellness industries to showcase their amazing products and services!
•  The EXPO’s professional photographer will be on-hand taking photos of all exhibitors and their booths and posting on EXPO’s dedicated social media sites.
•  Depending all exhibitor selected packages, exhibitors will have the opportunity to maximize their brand exposure by being part of the Choices EXPO virtual exhibitors hall.
•  Exhibitors are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to network with and educate a diverse audience of school and health advocates.
•  There just isn't another forum of this type in the United States! The Choices EXPO is a cutting-edge forum where these vast markets merge together to provide a great opportunity for families and vendors.

There just isn't another forum of this type in the United States! The Choices EXPO is a cutting-edge forum where these vast markets merge together to provide a great opportunity for families and vendors.

Our exhibitor options are just like our “Choices” motto- there are many choices of exhibiting available for every budget. Booth exhibitor prices will change after August 1st, 2014, so get your space reserved now!
Be our Partner...  JOIN US!
Contact Our
Marketing Director
Contact our Marketing Director, Gabriel Orozco at (323) 800-2716, to begin talking about the right  package for your organization.

If you already completed your registration form, go ahead and e-mail, fax, or mail it in now.

Gabriel Orozco, Marketing Director,
Choices EXPO
2410 Broadway, Walnut, CA 90255
Fax: 323-923-0380
Booth Fees (after Aug 1, 2014)
If paying by credit card using PayPal:
Please complete the attached Exhibitor 2014 contract, scan it, and email completed form back to me at
If paying by check:
Please complete the attached Exhibitor 2014 contract, attach your check, and mail it to the address listed.
Exhibit Space
Please make check payable to: CHOICES EXPO
and mail to: CHOICES EXPO, Los Angeles - 2410 Broadway Ave., Walnut Park, CA 90255
Pay for your Exhibitor Booth
LA Choices EXPO 2014
Exhibitor Booth Floor Plan
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By buying a booth you are agreeing to the Exhibitor Agreement.
Exhibitor Agreement
You (the "Exhibitor") understand that this agreement becomes a binding contract as soon as PayPal approves the transaction. This agreement can be accessed BY REQUEST TO YOUR LA CHOICES REPRESENTATIVE.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing by e-mail to:

Cancellation Deadlines:

- On or before August 1st, 2014: 100% refund of total booth fee.

- Between August 1st and September 1st: 50% refund of the total booth fee.

- After September 1st, 2014: No refunds after this date.

Exhibitor has read these terms and conditions, has the authority and legal capacity to enter into this contract. Exhibitor agrees to abide by all the requirements, restrictions, and obligations set forth in this agreement, terms and conditions, which are part of this contract. When requested, a counter-signed copy will be returned to Exhibitor upon approval of PayPal transaction.
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