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Choices EXPO Los Angeles 2014
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Families in Los Angeles County are looking for INTEGRATED health and school CHOICES!

With more than 100 school exhibitors showcasing their student’s projects and fitness exhibitions, from live entertainment and giveaways to free health screenings and informative demonstrations, every attendee will experience something new to build a healthy lifestyle in a fun and exciting day that the entire family will enjoy. The Expo is open to all students and families, and attendance is free!
• Los Angeles County has 1,578,215 students in public schools

• Los Angeles County has 1,534 private schools

• Los Angeles County has 299 charter schools in operation

• Los Angeles County has 10,119 licensed chid care facilities

• Households spend 17.66% of their income on kid’s goods and services

• 24.9% of all students in LA County are English learners

• 61.0% of all children in LA County live with a parent that is foreign born

• 45.2% of all students in LA County are over weight

• The average parent will spend $689 on back-to-school supplies, K-12 establish your foothold in these markets that are EMERGING AS ONE. At no other time and place have the HEALTH AND SCHOOL markets come together to promote an INTEGRATED OPPORTUNITY in one place.

Our attendees are looking for VENDORS LIKE YOU and our vendors are looking to provide solutions like
never before. All this boils down to is a great business opportunity for many products and services.
This is an opportunity you want to be part of!  Our families need to see you face-to-face to interact and make their life choices for their families. Here is an opportunity to market your services directly or indirectly to a local and diverse market. And what this translates to is an opportunity to market your
services directly or indirectly.

There just isn’t another forum of this type in the United States! The Choices EXPO is a cutting-edge forum where these two vast markets merge together to provide a great opportunity for families and our vendors.

And, only by being a partner in this exclusive event serving the Greater Los Angeles County can you reach these two consumer markets in one place.

So, THE BOTTOM LINE is you need to join us at the Choices EXPO 2014.
Health Zone - This zone offers information, products, and services regarding health care and nutrition. It also features free health screenings for vision, lung health, blood pressure, and cooking demonstrations for all the family.
Sports and Fitness Zone - This zone offers information, products, and services related to sports activities dedicated to all in the family with athlete appearances, Zumba group fitness sessions, skills clinics, a 4-on-4 soccer tournament, and more.
College and Career Zone - This zone offers career and educational resources, and a college fair. Informational clinics will cover résumé and interview tips, applying to schools, and financial aid workshops and resources.
Community Zone -This zone includes products and services that are utilized every day by our families, from banks to small businesses, insurance companies and grocery stores, and has demonstrations, activities, and product giveaways.
Schools Zone -  This zone highlights the variety of schools; charter schools, religious schools, private schools, magnet schools, online schools, after school program providers, summer educational camps, pre-schools, early childhood education providers and education advocates. This is where the CHOICES EXPO booth will be located providing access to the latest publications and reports on educational and health choices and from our booth we will have raffles and more giveaways.
Los Angeles Convention Center
Saturday, October 11, 2014